Pretty dresses

So I have been working on this dress for the last two days. I am mighty proud of this simple little pillowcase dress I made for Iz. The fact that I single handedly sewed it has to be testament to how simple it really is to make!

The last time I sewed would have to be more than 10 years ago. It would be when I was still in school. And even then, I always used to sneakily asked my aunt to help me complete all my sewing projects because I just was never very good at it.

But now, with Iz as my muse. I am excited at the thought of sewing summer dresses and pretty things for my little baby. I have been to the local Spotlight twice in the last two days, and now am looking at Etsy for beautiful fabric. It makes me so happy looking at all these lovely fabric they have!!

PS – Here is the link to the site I used to make this easy peasy dress. Thank you sewlikemymom!

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